Awesome window manager


This window manager is simply awesome! [http://awesome.naquadah.org/]. Ofcourse, including a screenshot is customary so here's one.

Google, founded September 7th 1998

Want to see what it looked like on November 11th 1998? The Wayback machine can be fun to use. [http://web.archive.org/]

Progress on the web browser project As of 12.02.08

WebKit/GTK+ is at very early alpha stages and performs badly at the moment. Epiphany/Webkit compiles fine but runs like a bitch with broken tab support etc. To compile Epiphany, use —with-engine=webkit while configuring. I downloaded WebKit-r30153 and extracted it to ~/src. It compiles with no problems and ./Programs/GtkLauncher works. Except that the browser provided is slow and sucks! (I don't know if I want to build upon it, it's not promising). I stow'ed WebKit/GTK+. The browser probably doesn't do SSL as it hangs on gmail and orkut but displays wikipedia and google fine. Midori is a project based on WebKit/GTK+ and the sources for it have been downloaded too. Midori doesn't compile with the issue that it's unable to locate the stow'ed WebKit/GTK+ libraries (in /usr/local). Tried -I and -L forcing but the configure script still screams. Midori is still at pre alpha stage (0.0.17) and will be an excellent GTK+ project to analyse if I can get it compiled somehow (haven't tried contacting developers about this issue yet).

I contacted the dillo developer about the future of Dillo. Apparently, it's being ported from using 90% GTK+ and 10% FLTK1 to 100% FLTK2. It will be very difficult to make Dillo use WebKit to say the least. Dillo isn't compiling with the FLTK1.1 because it looks like it was compiled against some other version of FLTK1 in the first place. I'm unable to find the package for Dillo2 (ie. the development package using FLTK2).

KHTML is probably another option but the only real web browser using KHTML is Konqueror which is huge and bloated using Qt libraries. It will be very difficult to analyse Konqueror. Gecko, however, is known to suck badly and is known to be a much slower rendering engine than WebKit/KHTML. It's not called Firecrap for no reason at all. Presto is closed so it's not an option.

12 Angry men: A movie review

This entire 1957 black-and-white movie is shot in exactly one room with 12 men. The 12 people constituting the jury must vote unanimously either for or against the death penalty of an accused 18-year old. The movie starts out with 11 people out of 12 people voting in favour of the death penalty and ends with all 12 men agreeing that the young man shouldn't be put to death. It puts many of the modern movies to shame: what you need to make a movie is 12 great actors and one great director, nothing more. Not flying cars or flaming dragons. A must-watch all-time great.

Firefox 3


Due to the non-availability of a simple free graphical browser, I'm forced to use bloatware like Firefox. Opera is a far superior browser in terms of both the browser engine and the user interface, major downside being that it's non-free. Firefox with its XUL and Chrome and user extensions couldn't be more sluggish. Tab Mix Plus and Firebug are extensions I can't live without, but it comes at the cost of slowing down my firefox significantly.

Firefox 2 currently has a market share of about 14% … Firefox 3 will take off on that user base. Alpha 1 is out. Alpha 2 and 3 will soon be out and Firefox 3 will release in early 2008. What I'd really like to see is elimination of bloat producing a cleaner and leaner machine that just serves the purpose of web browsing. Sure, stuff like Firebug and Chatzilla are useful, but not at the cost of my browsing experience.

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